Chef Donís Kitchen Recipe File  
RECIPE NAME: Vegetable Combo - Presentation Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Appetizers Combos 2/28/96
    Revision Date:


1 portion



Roman Artichoke Hearts (see recipe Apps Hot) 2 oz wt    
Anise Flavored Beets 2 oz wt    
White Bean Salad 2 oz wt    
raddichio leaf, whole 1 each    
Wild Mushroom Salsa 2 oz wt    
Asparagus with Pistachios 7 each    
thyme sprigs 2 each    

Place artichokes in square ramekin and place in 500į convection oven for 3-4 minutes to heat.

When artichokes are hot place ramekin in center of small racetrack oval.

Arrange remaining vegetables around artichokes.

Place white bean salad in raddichio leaf.

Place thyme in artichokes. Serve.