Chef Donís Kitchen Recipe  
RECIPE NAME: Crab Tower - Presentation Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Appetizers Cold 3/8/96
    Revision Date:
Sensitivity: Towers can be made at beginning of shift and stored in reach in.


1 portion



Avocado Palm Heart Salsa 2 oz (wt)    
Crab Mix for Timbale 2 oz (wt)    
Gazpacho Salsa 1 fl oz    
frisee, cleaned ľ oz (wt)    
Champagne Vinaigrette 1 tsp    
grapefruit segments 5 each    
watercress sprigs 3 each    
Italian parsley 1 tsp    
Chervil Leaves, picked 1 tsp    

*Using a 2" high x 3" wide timbale ring.

Place ring on patty paper, add avocado mixture gently pushing into place, next add crab mix on top of avocado mix gently pushing into place. Add Gazpacho Salsa on top.

On a small Race Track plate place timbale on lower right corner of plate (removing patty paper prior to placement) making sure avocado mixture is on bottom, lift ring carefully.

Mix frisee with Champagne Vinaigrette tossing until coated.

Place coated frisee on top of timbale.

Garnish plate in top left hand corner loosely arrange grapefruit segments and watercress.

Sprinkle Italian parsley or chervil all over plate.