Chef Don's Kitchen Recipe File


RECIPE NAME: Champagne Vinaigrette Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Salad Dressings 2/17/96
    Revision Date:


8 cups

16 cups


champagne vinegar 2 cups 4 cups  
xanathan gum 1 tsp 2 tsp  
salt mix 3:1 5 tsp 10 tsp  
white pepper, fine ground 1 tsp 1 TBSP  
olive oil 4 cups 8 cups  
lemon zest, minced 3 TBSP 6 TBSP  
Dijon mustard 1 TBSP 2 TBSP  
canola oil 2 cups 4 cups  

Pour vinegar into stainless mixing bowl.

Sprinkle xanathan gum over top evenly.

Let sit 5 minutes.

Whisk well to combine.

Add remaining ingredients and whisk all.

Place in a clean container. Label, date, initial and refrigerate.