Chef Donís Kitchen Recipe File  
RECIPE NAME: Panettone French Toast - Presentation Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Breakfast - Pancakes, Waffles & French Toast 4/24/96
    Revision Date:
Sensitivity: Be sure to preheat flat top grill to 350į before trying to make French toast.


1 portion



Panettone, sliced 2 each    
Day After French Toast Batter as needed    
clarified butter 2 oz    
Apple Compote 2 oz    
powdered sugar for dusting    
warm maple syrup 2 oz    
Fruit Garnish 1 each    

Liberally season flat top grill with clarified butter.

Dip bread into French toast batter and let excess batter drip off.

Put on flat top.

Cook until done. Make sure inside is done.

If not done, and outside is golden cook in oven.

Plate and spoon apple compote over top.

Dust liberally with powdered sugar.

Plate fruit garnish at 12:00. Serve with a ceramic sauce boat filled with syrup.