Chef Don’s Kitchen Recipe File  
RECIPE NAME: Fruit Garnish Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Procedures 5/21/96
    Revision Date:




seasonal fruit, cut and cleaned as necessary      
choose 3 items from below:      
oranges, skinned and sliced ¼"      
grapefruit, skinned and sliced ¼"      
starfruit, sliced ¼"      
kiwi, skinned and sliced ¼"      
pineapple, cored, sliced ¼" wedges      
melon, peeled, sliced ¼" wedges      
grapes, mini clusters      
pears, cored, sliced ¼" wedges      
berries, rinsed      
apricots, pitted, sliced ¼" wedges      
plums, pitted, sliced ¼" wedges      
cherries, rinsed, whole      

Choose three fruits that are of different color and variety (i.e. not strawberries, raspberries, blueberries).

Use one piece or section of each fruit and arrange them on plate for breakfast items.