Chef Donís Kitchen Recipe File  
RECIPE NAME: Italian Eggs Benedict - Presentation Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Breakfast 4/24/96
    Revision Date:


1 portion



vinegar and water for poaching 1 pan    
eggs 2 each    
crumpet, split 1 each    
Proscuitto Slices 2-4 each (1 oz wt)    
Tomato Basil Hollandaise Sauce 3 fl oz    
basil leaves, cluster 1 each    
Fruit Garnish 1 each    
Rosemary Roasted Potatoes 8-9 each    

Toast crumpet until crisp.

Grill Proscuitto on grill until just ruffled.

Poach eggs easy to medium.

To Assemble:

Plate crumpet slices with Proscuitto on top.

Put one poached egg on each stack and ladle 1Ĺ oz of hollandaise on each and set basil cluster between stacks.

Place potatoes behind crumpets and fruit garnish at 10:30.