Chef Donís Kitchen Recipe File  
RECIPE NAME: How to Bake Tuiles Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Procedures 5/21/96
    Revision Date:





Florentine batter as needed    

Roll Florentine mix into ĺ oz wt balls.

Spray back side of sheetpan with pan spray.

Place balls 3" apart, 6-9 pieces per pan.

Bake in 375į convection oven, fan on, for 6-8 minutes until just golden brown.

Remove from oven, let cool 1 minute, then, using spatula lift off cookie and roll around cream horn tube, forming a cone.

Let cool 1 minute before removing from tube.

If cookies become too cool, you will not be able to form into a cone.

If so, place sheet pan back into oven for 1 minute, just to warm.

Cookies must be stored airtight and are very fragile.

They will only keep one day (maybe two) so donít bake too many!