Chef Don’s Kitchen Recipe File  
RECIPE NAME: Smoky Beef Carpaccio Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Meats 2/21/96
    Revision Date:
Sensitivity: Whenever there is a piece left during service, it must be wrapped in plastic and then foil before it is stored in deep freezer.


18 oz

4 ½ lb


beef tenderloin, trimmed 18 oz wt 4 ½ lb  
oregano, dry 1 tsp 4 tsp  
thyme, dry 1 TBSP ¼ cup  
onion, granulated ½ tsp 2 tsp  
garlic, granulated ¼ tsp 1 tsp  
salt mix 3:1 ¼ tsp 1 tsp  
Telicherry peppercorn, freshly ground ½ tsp 2 tsp  

Thoroughly mix herbs and seasonings.

Coat the outside of the tenderloin with the mixture pressing it into the meat.

In the Little Chief Smoker, smoke with applewood chips for 2 pan fillings approximately 3 hours.

Cool, wrap in plastic, then wrap in foil and freeze.