Chef Don’s Kitchen Recipe File  
RECIPE NAME: Rice Pilaf Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Vegetables & Starches 3/8/96
    Revision Date:
Sensitivity: Stir constantly to ensure even browning of vermicelli.


8 ½ cups



butter, whole unsalted ¼ cup    
onion, diced ¼" 1 cup    
basmati rice 2 cups    
linguine fini, raw, broken into 1" long pieces 1 cup    
Chicken Broth (see recipe Stocks & Broths) 4 ½ cups    
black pepper, fine ground ½ tsp    
salt mix 3:1 1 TBSP    
Italian parsley, chopped ¼ cup    

In sauté pan melt butter, add onion and cook for 1 minute.

Add rice and linguini fini and sauté, stirring constantly 5-10 minutes until vermicelli is golden brown.

Meanwhile, in sauce pan heat broth with salt and pepper.

When vermicelli/rice mix is browned, let cool slightly (or it will splatter when you add it to stock), then add to boiling stock.

Cover pan tightly and cook 20 minutes.

Let sit 10 minutes covered, add parsley then stir to fluff.

Place rice in 2" hotel pan to cool in walk in .

When cool, place in a clean container. Label, date, initial and refrigerate.