Chef Don’s Kitchen Recipe File  
RECIPE NAME: Potato Onion Tortilla - Preparation Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Appetizers, Cold 2/16/96
    Revision Date:
Sensitivity:  You must use large 12" pan for first step, then do final cooking in 10" pan.

Do not brown potato - onion mixture in first step.


1 ea 10" Tortilla



olive oil ¾ cup    
canola oil ¾ cup    
russet potato, peel, sliced 1/8" 33 oz wt    
yellow onion, sliced 1/8" 18 oz wt    
salt mix 3:1 2 ¼ tsp    
black pepper, fresh ground ¾ tsp    
thyme, fresh minced 1½ tsp    
whole eggs, beaten 9 each    

Heat olive oil and canola oil in non stick 12" pan. Add potato and onion slices, add in single layers and sprinkle lightly with salt, thyme and pepper as you layer.

Cook slowly over medium heat. The potato/onions should not "fry" but slowly simmer in the oil. Lift and turn occasionally to ensure even cooking. Cook until potatoes are soft and tender, but not browned, the potato and onions should remain separate, not a cake like hash browns. Drain excess oil and reserve. (Place potato/onion mix in perforated hotel pan set in deeper non-perf hotel pan.) Re-use this oil for other tortillas.

Whisk eggs and combine with potato/onion pressing them into the egg gently to cover. Let sit 15 minutes.

Heat 2 tablespoons reserved oil in 8" non stick pan. Add egg-potato mix and cook just until it begins to brown, 3 - 4 minutes. Flip over and cook until other side just begins to brown. Place in 300° convection oven with fan on. Bake 5 minutes until center feels just firm. Turn out onto parchment covered sheet pan and place in walk in to cool.

When cool cut into 8 equal wedges.