Chef Don's Kitchen Recipe File


RECIPE NAME: Parmesan Crust Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Batters, Breading, Flours, Crumbs 2/22/96
    Revision Date:
Sensitivity: Be careful no to overwork.


9 each

36 each


Plugra butter 6 oz wt 24 oz wt  
flour, all purpose 9 oz wt (2 cups) 36 oz wt (8 cups)  
parmesan cheese, fine ground 4 oz wt (1 cup) 1 lb wt (4 cups)  
water, cool 7 TBSP 1 cup  
black pepper, fresh ground, fine tsp 1 tsp  
salt mix 3:1 tsp 2 tsp  

Combine flour, parmesan, plugra, salt and pepper in the robot coupe. Process until well combined but with pea sized pieces of butter visible.

Slowly add water, pulse a few times and pour onto a floured surface.

Form into a flat disk.

With a flour rolling pin, roll out to 1/8" thick, using the rolling pin, place the dough on top of the tart rings.

Roll over the top with rolling pin to cut. Form individual shells.

Place in a clean container. Label, date, initial and freeze.