Chef Donís Kitchen Recipe File  
RECIPE NAME: Lamb Demi Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Stocks and Broths 2/29/96
    Revision Date:


4 quarts



lamb bones 15 lb    
onions, coarse chopped 4 lb    
carrots, coarse chopped 2 lb    
celery, coarse chopped 2 lb    
thyme, sprigs 1 oz    
rosemary, sprigs 1 oz    
garlic heads, tops cut off 2 heads    
bay leaves, California 5 each    
peppercorn, whole black 12 each    
tomato paste 1/3 cup    
water as needed    

In a braising pan; roast bones until golden brown.

Spread tomato paste on bones and cook until tomato paste has black tips.

Pour bones into stock pot and add vegetables.

Brown thoroughly.

Add water and scrape fond (*see below) pour into stock pot.

Fill with water, add herbs and seasonings.

Simmer for 12 hours adding water as needed.

Strain, cool, place in a clean container. Label, date, initial and refrigerate.

* The brown to black juices on the bottom of the pan along with the caramelized vegetables provide all

the color and the depth of flavor to the stock.