Chef Don’s Kitchen Recipe File  
RECIPE NAME: Gazpacho Bloody Mary Mix Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Beverages 4/1/96
    Revision Date:


10 cups




celery, coarse chopped

8 oz wt    
red bell pepper, seeded, coarse chopped 8 oz wt    
garlic, fresh minced 1 TBSP    
cucumber, peeled, seeded, coarse chopped 8 oz wt    
horseradish, fresh grated 1 TBSP    
orange juice, fresh ½ cup    
lemon juice, fresh 2 TBSP    

Tabasco sauce

1½ tsp    
Worcestershire 1 tsp    
champagne vinegar 1 TBSP    
salt mix 3:1 ½ tsp    
black pepper, fresh ground, fine 1 tsp    
celery salt 1 tsp    
tomato juice 1 each/48fl oz can    
lemon zest, minced 1 tsp    

Place "A" ingredients in bar blender and puree until very smooth.

Place "A" in a mixing bowl and add "B" ingredients.

Whisk well to combine thoroughly.

Place in clean container. Label, date, initial and refrigerate.