Chef Don's Kitchen Recipe File


RECIPE NAME: Eggplant Relish Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Chutney, Relish, Pickles, Salsa 2/22/96
    Revision Date:


5 cups

10 cups


eggplant pulp 30 oz 120 oz  
roasted red bell peppers 8 oz 32 oz  
cilantro, chopped cup 1 cup  
cumin, ground 1 TBSP cup  
olive oil 1 cup 4 cup  
garlic, chopped 2 TBSP cup  
Italian parsley, chopped cup 1 cup  
lemon juice 2 TBSP cup  
salt mix 3:1 2 tsp 3 TBSP  
pepper, ground 1 tsp 4 tsp  

Coarsely chop eggplant pulp and roasted peppers together.

Add other ingredients and mix thoroughly.

Place in a clean container. Label, date, initial and refrigerate.