Chef Donís Kitchen Recipe File  
RECIPE NAME: Chicken Tagine - Presentation Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Poultry 3/8/96
    Revision Date:


1 portion



Chicken Tagine 7 oz wt    
Tagine Sauce 10 fl oz    
Herb CousCous ĺ cup    
Tagine Sprinkle 1 TBSP    
cilantro sprigs 3 each    
seasonal vegetables 1 portion    

Place chicken and Tagine sauce in saucepan to reheat. Heat over medium heat, covered 8-10 minutes.

Flip pieces over and stir around slightly to ensure even heating. Do not break up chunks of meat.

Heat cous cous in the steamer 5-7 minutes until heated through.

Fire vegetables when you put cous cous in the steamer.

Plate cous cous diagonally from left rear of plate to right front corner, with most of the cous cous in the back.

Stack chicken pieces in center of plate. Sauce over them.

Sprinkle with "Tagine Sprinkle" across Tagine.

Wedge cilantro sprigs in front of Tagine.

Place vegetables in right rear of plate. Serve.