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RECIPE NAME: Apple and Balsamic Relish Original Date:
DIRECTORY: Chutneys and Relishes 07/23/01




Apples, cored and sliced thinly 2 each    
Red Onion, diced ¼" ¼ cup    
Red Bell Pepper, diced ¼" ½ cup    
Basil Chiffonade 1 TBSP    
Salt As Needed    
Pepper As Needed    
Apple Balsamic Vinegar* 2 TBSP    
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 6 TBSP    
Water 2 TBSP    


Mix all ingredients in a bowl and let sit 10-15 minutes before serving.

This relish is one of my favorites with fresh fish. Salmon, halibut, swordfish and tuna are good for grilling.

Rockfish, flounder and sole are good for lightly flouring and sautéing. Just spoon a little or a lot of relish on your fish and enjoy.

A little note: you can use different fruits with different vinegars in the same proportions and have great relishes for fish. E.G. pears and champagne vinegar